Private: Singing for happiness raises £3k for Heartlands Hospital Charity

A group of 20 ladies have raised another £3,000 for the Trust Charity through the singing of special holy Hymns popular in the Sikh religion.
The Group called Guru Nanak Nam conducted a ‘Sukhmani Sahib’ which means jewels of happiness hymns. The hymns are taken from their holy scripture and the Guru Granth Sahib and take 90 minutes to read. The group are then invited to friends and families homes to sing the holy hymns, and money is donated to the group.
The group chose to split the £3,000 between Ward 16 Children’s Ward, where they have purchased a sofa for their adolescence room, Children’s A&E where they purchased toys for their patients after the June flood destroyed all the toys and to our Medical Day Hospital where they purchase two Dyson fans and an opthalascope – this machine helps to see into the patients ears and eyes more clearly …

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